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"Have a holly jolly Christmas,
It's the best time of the year!
I don't know if there'll be snow,
But have a cup of cheer!
Have a holly jolly Christmas,
And when you walk down the street
Say hello to friends you know,
And everyone you meet!"

The music echoed throughout the Tundra Wasteland as it played aloud from inside the abandoned cabin as the mysterious wanderer approached it. Dressed in a long, dirty, brown coat, black cargo pants, combat boots, as well as leather gloves, a scarf wrapped around his face, goggles, and a black toque, the wanderer approached the cabin and kicked it open, turned off the radio, and began searching it for any useful items. Inside, there was an old bed, two skeletons on the floor that appeared as though they were huddled together when they died, and a Christmas stocking hung up on the wall. Above the doorway was also a mistletoe hanging in the center. There wasn't very many useful items in the cabin, except for the baseball bat under the bed, which the wanderer grabbed. After looking over the bat, he decided it was good enough and then turned towards the door. As he was about to leave, he stopped dead in his tracks as a woman dressed in a white camo bra, white camo pants, and spiked armor plating on her pants, stepped in front of him. Her hair was blonde and tied into pigtails, and she held an old tire iron in her left hand. She stared into his goggles and pointed her tire iron at the mistletoe.

Jazmin(Tundra Raider): "Well, well. Look what we're standing under. Why don't you remove that scarf and lets get down to business?"

As the raider reached for the wanderer's scarf, he took a step back and then brought up one leg, kicking her out of the cabin and falling backwards into the snow. Quickly, she jumped back up to her feet enraged.

Jazmin: "You're gonna get it now!"

As she charged quickly into the cabin, the wanderer pulled out a tomahawk from inside his coat, took a big swing, and chopped her head clean off. Before anymore showed up, he quickly got down on one knee and searched her pockets, finding 120 caps. In the distance he could hear the sounds of engines. Snowmobiles, maybe?

The wanderer ran out of the cabin and looked left, and then right, and then straight ahead. There were a total of nine raiders on snowmobiles headed his way, three from each direction. Tomahawk in one hand, and baseball bat in the other, he squeezed them tightly and prepared for battle. As the snowmobiles ahead got closer, the wanderer ran towards them, running up the front of the first snowmobile, and then kicking the driver square in the face, sending him into a backflip off of the ride. He then jumped off himself, and in mid-air, spread his legs out to kick the drivers off of the other two, knocking them into the snow, as he, as well, landed in the snow. The snowmobiles then crashed into the cabin, as the other six snowmobiles crashed into the first three, causing an explosion and sending everyone off of the rides.

Quickly, the wanderer jumped up to his feet, as did the three raiders next to him. One of them, armed with a combat knife, took a quick step towards the wanderer, attempting to stab him, but was countered when the wanderer moved to the side and swung his tomahawk, cutting the raider across the stomach, causing it to open up and all of his insides pour into the snow. The other two raiders then attacked - one unarmed, and one with a baseball bat. Quickly, the wanderer slashed the unarmed raider across the throat with the tomahawk, causing blood to gush out as he fell face first into the snow. The armed raider then began swinging with his baseball bat, while the wanderer countered with his. Both of them clashed baseball bats for a good thirty seconds, until the wanderer then ducked the baseball bat and slashed the raider across the stomach. As he fell to his knees, holding onto his gut to try and keep his insides from pouring out, the wanderer got behind the raider and brought the tomahawk down into the top of his head. He then put one foot on the raider's back and pushed him forward into the snow as he pulled the tomahawk out of the top of his head.

Thinking the fight was over, the wanderer let his guard down, only to feel his shoulder get pierced with an arrow. He turned his attention towards the remaining six raiders - five of which were getting up, and one was holding a crossbow. The wanderer then ran towards them, throwing the tomahawk at the armed raider, which got stuck right in his head, between his eyes. By this time, the other five were standing and running towards the wanderer, armed with a variety of weapons. One of them, wearing spiked knuckles, took two swings at the wanderer, but he managed to dodge them. Before the raider took a third swing, the wanderer pulled the arrow from his shoulder as he also swept his foot across the snow, tripping the raider. As soon as the raider fell on his back, the wanderer got down and rammed the arrow right into his chest, piercing his heart. Once the wanderer got back up, the next raider took a swing with his machete. The wanderer attempted to block it with his baseball bat, but the at ended up getting cut in two. With no hesitation, he threw away the bigger half, but held onto the smaller, sharper half. As the raider took another swing, the wanderer quickly dodged it and then slashed the raider three times across the chest with the sharp, broken bat, and then he shoved it into the raider's mouth and did a hard palm strike to the bat, sending the sharp end piercing through the back of the raiders head. Another raider then attacked, swinging a tire iron at the now unarmed wanderer. The wanderer, however, had a few other tricks up his sleeve. He grabbed onto the tire iron as the raider took a swing, and then began kneeing him in the stomach. He then turned around, pushing his back into the raider - still holding onto the tire iron, and then flipped the raider over his shoulder, causing him to land on his back. He then pulled the tire iron out of the raider's hands and smashed him in the face with it. No hesitation, the wanderer quickly spun back around and immediately smashed the next charging raider in the throat with the tire iron, killing him instantly. Only two raiders remained. One male and one female. The male, armed with a Deathclaw Gauntlet, ran towards the wanderer and swung his weaponized hand, but with quick thinking, the wanderer removed his scarf - revealing a scar coming from the bottom of his lip - and wrapped the scarf tightly around the raider's wrists, with the gauntlet's claws still sticking out. The wanderer, holding onto two ends of the scarf close together, jumped into the air and flipped over the raider, landing on one knee behind him and then yanked the scarf, causing the raider to pierce his own skull with the gauntlet.

Slowly, the wanderer rose back up to his feet, leaving the scarf where it was, and he stared at the last raider and slowly lifted his goggles to his forehead, revealing his one brown eye, and one pure white eye with a few small scars around the socket.

Tiff(Tundra Raider): "Who...who are you?"

Raven(Wanderer): "They call me...Raven. I'm not someone you want to mess with. Clearly. After seeing what I did to your crew, do you really wanna go one on one with me?"

Tiff: "N-no. This ain't worth it."

Raven: "What a shame. I was hoping to rip your head off. But if you insist, I guess I'll let you leave. Besides, I got a message for your boss. Tell him...what I did to his crew. And if he wants, he can come find me. I'll be looking forward to it. As for you, I suggest to run far, far away, unless you want to die, as well."

No more words spoken. Tiff nodded and ran off as quickly as she could before Raven changed his mind about letting her live. Raven then walked over to his tomahawk that still remained in the skull of a raider, and yanked it out. In the distance, he could see a lot of bright lights, as if they were coming from a nearby city. It must have been the place he was looking for. He lowered his goggles back down over his eyes and began walking at a steady pace towards the bright lights in the distance, hoping to complete the task that he had set out to accomplish.


Jordan Malloy
I like to write and I do love art, but I am in no way an artist, unless you consider story writing a form of art, which...I guess it can be considered that... XD I plan to post fanfics and maybe some completely original stories here, depending on how this goes for me. Anyway, enjoy my page! :3


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